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Village Farm is Austin’s first tiny home agrihood community. Our beautiful 250-acre, 40-home community is carefully planned to encourage community connection, embody sustainable living principles, and promote a simple, nature-centered lifestyle among our residents.

Our Community. Amenities include a 4-acre organic farm, a community barn and amphitheater, pocket parks, a general store and café, and much more. A variety of activities, such as cooking classes, a farmer’s market, land stewardship programs, and volunteer opportunities keep residents enriched and entertained.

Our Homes. Our low-cost, free-standing tiny homes come in a variety of sizes ranging from 100 to 500 square feet. Each home is built using environmentally-friendly materials wherever possible, from the rooftop solar panels to the smart rain gardens and energy-efficient fixtures, which reduces waste, energy consumption and living expenses.

Village Farm

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"If you’re seeking a quiet, natural, and sustainable oasis among the hustle and bustle of the city, look no further than Village Farm – where you can live simply but richly."


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Community Amenities

We care about the environment, and we know you do too. Together, we can make a difference by reducing our carbon footprint and getting back to basics. Village Farm strikes the perfect balance between sustainable green living and modern convenience. Here are some of our environmentally-conscious features and amenities:

Organic Farm

Our on-site, 4-acre organic farm is the cornerstone of our community and plays a vital role in connecting Village Farm residents to local: organic food production, land stewardship, stunning views, and seasonal fare. The farm serves as a source of fresh food for the community, as well as recreational gardening and farming activities.

Community Barn/Amphitheatre

Get closer to nature by helping raise chickens and tend to laying hens in our community barn. The barn also serves as the community amphitheater for plays, musicals and other entertainment. This central gathering point is an ideal locale to nurture and revive your mind, body, and soul among friends and family.

Green Homes

Our tiny homes and community amenities are built using non-toxic, renewable and recycled materials that promote wellbeing for our residents and Mother Earth as a whole. Energy is renewed through rooftop solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and efficient use of materials that not only reduce energy expenses, but also contribute to the sustainability of the community and its local species.

Sustainable Transportation

Village Farm has car-free zones, reduced parking and low car ownership. Car sharing services and solar carports help lead to an 80% reduction in emissions and promote healthier, more sustainable modes of transportation on foot or bike.


Community composting sites allow you to turn today’s organic waste into tomorrow’s fertilizer, fueling the community garden and native species.

Waste Free Living

Residents generate 70% less waste from waste reduction practices, which radically reduces the impact on landfills and potent greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Power

Village Farm homes and buildings harness the power of the sun to generate solar energy. Utilizing Tesla Power Wall Batteries, homes are powered using a completely sustainable energy system.

Low-Energy Utilities

Reliable and conservative appliances make the most of the available energy without compromising functionality.

Village Farm - A New Way to live

About Austin

Literally deep in the heart of Texas, this bustling capital city offers everything you could desire. World-class shopping, top-notch educational opportunities, a strong sense of community, near-perfect weather, and a cultural blend of gastronomical delights are just the tip of the iceberg. And that doesn’t even touch on the variety of musical talent that emanates from this hub!


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Downsize and enjoy lower fixed monthly costs, while also enjoying a richer quality of life right outside of the hustle and bustle of Austin.

Simplified Living

When you live simply, you enjoy the finer details in life. In our community, residents get back to the basics and live large.

Family Environment

Numerous family amenities abound, from our community gardens, parks, and barn to fun activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Genuine Community

Village Farm is designed to foster genuine relationships among like-minded neighbors who support one another for the benefit of the community.

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solutude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness

Henry David Thoreau

78% of Tiny Home Residents Own Their Home

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